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Its Your Turn to Win the Divine Lottery and Claim Your Soul Inheritance! 

Life is the Lottery!

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You are designed for a specific soul inheritance, that has your signature on it.  Its filled with blessings and life that overflows with goodness!

Inside Win the Divine Lottery
Transformation Journey

You only have to become conscious of that which you desire to be and claim it.

You are more than your body, your current conception of yourself, and your past stories.

You are UNLIMITED!!!

Everything you require is inside of you. 

You are the master. 

You hold the key.


Step inside Your Divine Lottery and Claim what belongs to you by divine rights, under grace and perfect ways.

For 5 weeks we will journey together inside the ULTIMATE PORTAL of POSSIBILITIES!

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"Life is the Lottery: The Infinite Game of Possibilities"

Life is a captivating journey filled with endless opportunities and paths waiting to be explored. Each day presents a new draw in the grand lottery of existence, where the outcomes are shaped by our choices and actions. It encourages us to embrace the unpredictability and richness of life, viewing challenges as invitations for growth and discovery. In this infinite game of possibility, every moment holds the potential for transformation and fulfillment. By navigating this cosmic lottery with curiosity and resilience, we can unlock the vast array of experiences and achievements that await us, ultimately shaping our unique and remarkable life stories.

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"The Cosmic Waiting Room: Co-Creating with the Divine"

There is a sacred space where we partner with universal energies to shape our realities. It's a metaphorical realm where our intentions align with cosmic forces, emphasizing our interconnectedness with the universe.


Co-creation involves setting clear intentions and aligning our actions with our desires while trusting in divine timing. It's about engaging in a mindful dialogue with the universe, listening for guidance, and actively participating in the creation of our lives with gratitude and receptivity. This idea invites us to recognize our role as conscious collaborators in shaping meaningful experiences aligned with the greater cosmic plan.

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Elevate Your Existence: Unveiling the Cosmic Jackpot

Within the vast expanse of the universe lies a treasure trove of possibilities waiting to be unveiled. To 'elevate your existence' hints at transcending our current limitations and tapping into the infinite potential that surrounds us. The phrase 'Cosmic Jackpot' evokes the idea of stumbling upon something extraordinarily valuable and life-changing. Perhaps this could mean finding deeper meaning, uncovering hidden truths about ourselves and the universe, or experiencing profound moments of connection and insight. This title encourages us to embrace curiosity and open-mindedness, inviting us to explore the boundless horizons of existence.

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"SoulSculpt: Transformative Pathways to Cosmic Abundance"

Our soul beckons us to embark on a profound journey of inner transformation and universal connection. This is a process of sculpting our souls—shaping and refining our essence—to align with the vast abundance of the cosmos. It speaks to the idea of unlocking boundless opportunities and prosperity by delving deep into our spiritual core. 'Transformative Pathways' hints at the discovery of new perspectives and practices that lead to personal growth and cosmic harmony. 'Cosmic Abundance' evokes images of limitless possibilities and the richness of existence. This title invites us to explore and embrace the interconnectedness of our souls with the universe, offering a pathway towards profound fulfillment and abundance in all aspects of life.

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Sacred Destiny: Your Journey to Wholeness and Triumph

Your destiny encapsulates a profound exploration of purpose and personal growth, inviting you to embark on a transformative journey towards ultimate triumph. Each person's destiny is sacred and intricately connected to the unified field of wholeness, hinting at the profound significance of our life paths. This is a quest for profound fulfillment and success that transcends conventional measures. It speaks to the idea of aligning with one's true calling and embracing the interconnectedness of all things in the universe. Deep dive into your soul, uncovering the sacred threads of destiny that lead to wholeness and triumph—an extraordinary state of being where personal fulfillment harmonizes with universal purpose.

What's Inside

We begin May 22nd, 2024 and end June 21st.  All Calls will be Live on Zoom.  If you can't make the live calls the recordings will be uploaded to your members portal!


2 Live Zoom Calls Per Week


Members Portal with Recordings


Quantum Seats during live calls

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2 Bonus Sessions - Playing in the Unknown


Soul Jumping 



Investment: $1111.00




My name is Amy Dawns

I love playing in the unknown and exploring endless possibilities. Every experience that has brought me ultimate splendor, wonder, and deep satisfaction emerged from the wholeness that resides within me. I have countless stories to share—each one a testament to the magic of the unknown, beyond what I could have ever imagined. What I've come to understand is that all our heart's desires exist in the realm of the unknown, and when we let go and get out of our own way, magic happens. I truly believe that we all deserve to succeed and are inherently worthy. My purpose is to inspire you to reach for the impossible and to reveal that it's been within you all along. Let's embark on this journey together!

Begins May 22, 2024 for 5 weeks.

Live Calls on Zoom
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