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At Any Moment You Can Re-Introduce Yourself to the World

Each and every one of us enters this world as a beautiful beacon of light radiating Love. Those around us  can’t help but express their feelings of joy, peace and fascination as they bask in the calm and nostalgia that an innocent child brings to their lives. Free of the burden of responsibilities, expectations and the trappings of personality, the baby brings Love to so many by simply being as they are.

As we learn and grow, we begin to understand what it means to be part of a ‘tribe’ by trial and error in our actions and behaviours. We begin to understand our role within the tribal unit, and we make adjustments to our self-expression informed by the guidance of our caregivers.

These concessions often come at the expense of our ability to see ourselves as inherently good – rather, we see our caregivers as omnipotent as we contort ourselves to win their favour. In many cases, these changes also serve to protect us from potential rejection, and allows us to operate within frameworks of boundaries, limitations, dogma and taboos.

The criticism and disapproval that directs our way of being as we grow is echoed in our own inner narrative and remains long after our guardians and other influences remain to enforce them. Even in the absence of our critics, we seek validation from those outside of us. Our shame and unworthiness then becomes the subconscious driving force behind our intentions, actions and behaviours as we slip further into the denial of our true nature and inherent worth. Even our goals are informed by failures and false belief systems that previously allowed us to function within the environment of our upbringing despite the fact that the beliefs are no longer needed and no longer serving our betterment.

Who could you be if you could express yourself freely and live a life free of lack, limitation and languish?

Imagine yourself as a beautiful, glowing light set within a gift box (your physical body). Each time we compromise ourselves in service of what or how we think we should be, we wrap our box in another layer of gift wrap. We wrap ourselves in beautiful paper, layer upon layer dimming our light as we seek to impress and gain the approval of others. To us, perhaps neither the colour of the paper nor the patterning is representative of what we are, but with enough time we learn to adapt to the taste of others as we hide the light that is inside of us and begging to be seen. 

Eventually, the effects of self-denial enter our lives as blocks in our progress, maladaptive behaviours in our interpersonal relationships and often despair in the form of anxiety, depression or hopelessness. We try in vain to live well and make decisions that support our betterment, but despite our efforts we are always left with a sense that something just isn’t working. 

What if the pain was just Love calling you back to youself?

Unwrapping the Gift of You

Making Love Loud is an opportunity for each of us to go within and redesign our experience without the continuous and stifling judgment of the inner critic that has been running the show for so long. As we reclaim our light, we begin to understand that not only is our light not meant to be hidden – but it is there to illuminate our unique path. When we discover the power of true

acceptance and Love of the Self, we begin to align with our inner nature and step from fear into possibility and limitlessness. 

Making Love Loud is changing lives and building momentum in the men and women who are ready to do the real work of peeling back the limiting layers that shackle them and delivering them back to Love.  Like so many of us, I also discovered my own inner light without the guidance and wisdom of a trusted ally to offer support and discernment on her path through transformation. Now, my life’s mission is to support others in breaking out of their box and discovering their incredible ability to heal through acknowledgment of their uncompromised essence. I see the Love inside of you, and I want to hold the mirror for you to see it too. But a mirror is only a mirror if you open your eyes…

If you are ready to show up for yourself 111%, if you can commit to approaching yourself with a sense of curiosity and non-judgment, if your light is ready to be seen – you are ready to Make Love Loud.

Your comfort is keeping you contained – the Gift is You.

Image by Lina Trochez
Image by Darius Bashar

Inner Work for Men

Many men are unaware of the crippling weight of shame that they carry. At a time when societal criticism of the masculine runs freely in mainstream media and private gatherings, men often receive unsolicited guidance on how not to be – but are left to identify how to be on heir own. Role confusion is a prominent theme in modern times, with external criticism and

inconsistent expectations leaving them feeling, on an energetic level, that being a man is fraught with unobtainable standards. This inevitably leads to a spiral of unworthiness and resentment.

Brené Brown brilliantly depicts men’s shame of not being enough when she characterizes their response to shame-inducing events as ‘pissed off, or shut down’ – and who could blame them?

Through my own experiences with men, I have been blessed with a developed understanding of the need for men to shut off the atmospheric ‘noise’ and go within to overcome chronic feelings of guilt, shame, and of generally not being ‘enough’.

For men, Making Love Loud is about respect for both the masculine and feminine energies within all of us, and the need to understand the inherent value of each. Deeply held emotions which have been repressed find their way into consciousness where they can be released with

grace and replaced by a new respect for, and awareness of the Self - free from the heavy vibrational energies of grief, shame and guilt. 

Soul Reading

Soul readings are a channeled vision received from spirit that paint a visual impression of what your soul needs to know right now to help you move and participate with your life in the highest alignment. 


These sessions are voice recorded and you the listener, receive the transmission by listening to them in a relaxed state. 


Journalling afterwards can help you gain deeper insights into the core messages here to guide you where you are right now. 

Soul Readings help soothe the soul and take you into the deeper aspects of the SELF. 


Feel free to share with Amy anything that is in your heart prior to doing your reading.


I Am Treatments

These sessions are for those who are already on a journey within and want to deepen their practice.

* Available Online Only*


I Am Treatments are an intricate part of my 1:1 Coaching Commitments, and that is why I only offer them as individual sessions online.

I AM is at the very core of our identity and in order to truly shift our life we must become aware of the I AM STORY that's running the show before we can create the life and the person we want to be.

  • One 45 minute Coaching Session on zoom.

  • $222 + tax

Deep Dives

These Sessions are for the dedicated soul who is ready to begin their journey of truly transforming their life or those who want to continue diving deeper.  

Available IN PERSON only or as part of Committed Coaching Clients

  • 90 minute coaching sessions which includes all of my extensive knowledge and experience (see below) where true healing and transformation occur.

  • Journal Reflection

  • $333+ tax 

Coaching Commitments

1 month
3 months
6 months
1 year

This is for those people willing and ready to go all in on their personal transformation.  Those ready to put their skin in the game and want to truly do the work to create the life they wish they were living.  This is a sacred commitment and is not taken lightly.  This is your life we are talking about!


These coaching sessions are delivered as a sacred partnership in conscious living and self-exploration. I bring together my expertise in transformational coaching, energy medicine, quantum physics and intuitive channelling, as I guide my clients on their journey to know themselves more deeply. This 1-on-1 experience will challenge your paradigms, your limitations and your beliefs on your way to a life of deliberate creation and next-level self-realization.  You must be willing to commit to showing up for all sessions for the duration of your commitment and to the investment.  As well as a formal consultation if you've never worked with me before.

Work With Me If You Want To:

*Raise Your Level of Self Awareness

*Make Peace With Your Past

*Heal Trauma From Your Childhood

*Love Yourself Unconditionally

*Connect With Yourself Deeply

*Transform Your Life From the Inside Out

*Learn How to Deliberately Create Your Reality

*Expand Your Consciousness

*Heal Yourself

*Tap Into The Quantum Field of Potential and Possibility

*Claim Your Soul Inheritance

*Release Condemnation and Shame

*Let Go of the VICTIM LOOP

*Build a Relationship with Universal Intelligence & Divine Love

*Align With Your Highest Self

*Forgive Yourself and Others

*Heal Your Money Wounds and Become More Prosperous and Abundant

*Enhance Your Creativity & Well-Being

*Align Your Personality With Your Soul

*Lead a Fulfilling and Richly Satisfying Life

*Choose Who You Will Be and Give it 111%

*Be willing to pay your investment fee by a agreed upon time.

1 month: $2000.00

3 months:: $5500.00

6 months: $10,000.00

1 year: $16,000.00

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