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Soul Walls offer something valuable and unique. You are going to want one once you learn why!

Soul Walls are becoming more and more known in Amy's city, Regina, Saskatchewan Canada.  It is no surprise that Amy has been creating Custom Soul Paintings on Canvases for almost a decade., that she would start to create Custom Soul Walls too!

Soul Walls are so incredibly unique offering a energetic blueprint of person's soul or a business's soul in a full spectrum of living light and colour.  Soul walls carry in it the unique essence of what makes a person/person's, or a business stand out. The "SOUL" is what makes them unique.  And that is so important.


 Amy believes this is the way of the future, especially for businesses who want to truly build a sustainable, customer focused, integrious foundation for their business.  Soul cannot be left out, it is the core of any person and any business.  Ignoring this is ignoring the energy from all of which is created.   


In the past and still currently, business models were/are created from very rigid, constricted linear logical methods and system.   And as we can see those systems aren't working anymore and are collapsing as we speak.  The ones still growing are the ones who have their foundations deeply rooted in something else.  They understand that we cannot leave "SOUL" out of anything or any process without it eventually falling apart.

Understanding the root of everything is energy and having a Soul Wall in your home, studio or corporate office will offer invaluable benefits for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Jason Says About His Soul Wall

"I never realized that when hiring Amy to paint my wall, it would turn into a magical experience and one that I will never forget. I loved to come home from work and see the progress. It was mesmerizing and emotional. 


One thing you need to understand is Amy is a soul painter; a true artist. 


My wall has had a spiritual journey. 

With all the different layers and colours Amy magically put together, effortlessly there were images that appeared.

The one that really got me was my daughters curved spine. Just for kicks I measured the distance from the curve and it was 47mm.


— Name, Title

 The following weeks my daughter went for her check up and measured at 47 degrees out of alignment. She has scoliosis and wears a body brace 23hrs a day.

This was an improvement to her previous 53 degrees measurement.Was this a coincidence or did Amy intuitively vision it and without even knowing, capture a part of my life?


My wall has changed my life remarkably. 

I sit in awe over my one of kind painting and if I gaze long enough i swear I can walk threw my wall. I dream every time i look at it.


Amy is an amazing person and I am so very grateful for her. 


Thank you for the journey Amy. 

Make love loud!!!"


                      - Jason

How much does a soul wall cost?

MINIMUM STARTING AT $5000 and up depending on size of the wall.

How long does a soul wall take?  

Soul Walls are completed in layers, or sessions.  Each session can be anywhere from 1 hour - 5 hours in length.  Soul Walls usually have between 10-12 layers.  This could be anywhere from 2 weeks to a month depending on how busy Amy is.

Does that mean my wall will not be completed in a day?

Absolutely! The process of a soul wall is unique.  Souls reveal themselves in layers and are complex and deep.  They offer a living breathing  workshop just in the creation of them.  Seeing the process unfold is a journey itself and one you will never forget.  Coming home or seeing it come to life in your business is rare and invaluable. 


What if I live out of town, can I still get a soul wall painted?

Yes!  Travel expenses and acommadations (if needed will be factored into your route). Or you also have the option of having a custom soul painting done on a canvas.

What happens if I move homes, or business locations?

Unfortunately your wall cannot go with you. You can have a new one created, but it won't look like the first one. Soul walls are irreplaceable.  The new one will capture the energetic blueprint of your soul in relation to your new space.  

What happens after a soul wall is completed?

take pictures of all the layers and create a unique gift for you.  You also receive an email how to maximize the potential of your soul wall, from branding, staff meetings, creating for events, meditating to living workshops, the benefits are unlimited! 

How are soul walls started?

With a soul vision session that is audio recorded and sent to you prior to starting.  This vision is the energetic blueprint to your soul wall and is very unique and profound.


adrienne wall - fly.jpg

What Adrienne say's about her Soul Wall

When Amy came to me inspired to do a soul wall for FLY I was immediately excited and nervous. I have worked with Amy before, in fact I consider her a good friend. I have taken art workshops with her and they are truly unique and impactful. I didn’t know what this soul wall would be, but I had a lot of wall. I knew Amy’s process and I knew the soul of FLY is a thing of beauty so I took the leap!

The soul wall definitely adds to the feel of the studio right when you walk in. It does light up the area. The process enhances lessons in trust. There is no specific outcome in mind, each layer has a purpose and can send the overall outcome in a different direction. Not every layer is something you would display on its own, so when you were to see it in progress with all the depth that is in those layers, it hits you differently each time. Those layers encompass the struggles, the scars, the triumphs, the possibilities and they all come together to create a beautiful visual, but more importantly it’s a visual that you can feel and identify with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Soul Wall Cost?

For smaller walls usually start around $2000, and go up from there depending on size, where the wall is located and time to create it.  It's best to contact Amy for a quote.

How Long Does a Soul Wall Take to Create?

Soul Walls are completed in layers, or sessions.  Each session can be anywhere between 1 - 5 hours, and usually consist of 10-12 layers.  This could be completed anywhere from 2-4 weeks, give or take.

What Is The Process of a Soul Wall?

The process of a Soul Wall starts with a Soul Session which is the energetic blueprint to your Soul Wall.  Soul Walls are unique and they reveal themselves in layers which are often complex and deep.  They offer a living breathing workshop just in the creation of them.  Seeing this process unfold is a journey and one that you will never forget.  Seeing it come to life in your space is rare and incredibly valuable.

What if I live out of town, can I still get a Soul Wall?

Absolutely!  Amy loves to travel and paint Soul Walls worldwide.  Travel expenses and accommodations may be factored into the price of the Soul Wall.

What Happens After a Soul Wall is Completed?

Pictures of all the layers are taken and a special video is formulated just for you.  You also receive information on how to maximize the potential of your Soul Wall, from branding, staff meetings, creating events, meditating, personal growth, family growth and living workshops.

I Love My Custom Soul Painting!

"I love my custom soul painting and really appreciate the process that was underneath it. The layers proceeding the final result are very personal for me and the video Amy made revealing all the layers brought me to tears. Since having the painting at home I feel like I can see into me. Everyone else that sees it comments on how beautiful it is, but they don't know all the layers that are involved. I'm so grateful to have this made by Amy." -Julie

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