Client Praise

The Story of Jason's Custom Wall Painting

I never realized that when hiring Amy to paint my wall, it would turn into a magical experience and one that I will never forget. I loved to come home from work and see the progress. It was mesmerizing and emotional. 


One thing you need to understand is Amy is a soul painter; a true artist. 


My wall has had a spiritual journey. 

With all the different layers and colours Amy magically put together, effortlessly there were images that appeared. The one that really got me was my daughters curved spine. Just for kicks I measured the distance from the curve and it was 47mm. The following weeks my daughter went for her check up and measured at 47 degrees out of alignment. She has scoliosis and wears a body brace 23hrs a day. This was an improvement to her previous 53 degrees measurement. Was this a coincidence or did Amy intuitively vision it and without even knowing, capture a part of my life? 


My wall has changed my life remarkably. 

I sit in awe over my one of kind painting and if I gaze long enough i swear I can walk threw my wall. I dream every time i look at it.


Amy is an amazing person and I am so very grateful for her. 


Thank you for the journey Amy. 

Make love loud!!!



I Love My Custom Soul Painting!

"I love my custom soul painting and really appreciate the process that was underneath it. The layers proceeding the final result are very personal for me and the video Amy made revealing all the layers brought me to tears. Since having the painting at home I feel like I can see into me. Everyone else that sees it comments on how beautiful it is, but they don't know all the layers that are involved. I'm so grateful to have this made by Amy." -Julie

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