You have within you all the possibilities in the universe.  

                                                                   Go within to transform your life

Amy Dawns

Intuitive Guide|Soul Artist|Author|Speaker

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Listen to Amy share her journey of self-love and how it led her to creating her business and art around helping others heal through self-love.


Amy's newest and first solo book, ALL SHE NEEDS IS LOVE, came out Oct.3, 2020.  


Watch the video for a sneak peak inside her book of poetry, insight and wisdom.  


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Amy is a highly admired intuitive guide, energy healer, soul artist, author and speaker, who offers whole hearted teachings focused on helping intuitives, light workers, artists and sensitive creatives, heal and discover their purest, authentic expression to living their best life ever! Self love, compassion and transparency is the medicine she brings.

Amy first co-authored in The Revolution of Self - Love, which became an Amazon Best Seller, February 2019, and currently just solo published her first book of poetry, All She Needs is Love, October 3rd, 2020.

When Amy isn't writing,  she is painting Custom Soul Paintings on canvases and walls and also transforming peoples lives through her Body Paint Medicine; True Colours.  Amy's love for transformation is exquisitely portrayed through here own journey and helping others with her diverse background, in energy medicine, life sciences and her unique ability to tap into source energy and receive downloads of information from her guides.

Amy has appeared on the Love Wave Podcast, Light 92 F.M, and Talk of the Town, multiple times.


Amy also loves community and started Love Big Community October, 2019 where she raised funds to put a LOVE Billboard up in the city, and is currently looking at putting a permanent LOVE sign up in her city, Regina, Saskatchewan Canada.

When Amy isn't working (which doesn't feel like work at all), you can find her enjoying life with her son, 2 dogs, kickboxing, yoga, dancing, attending sacred ceremonies, and listening to music.

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