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June 17th - June 20th

Find Your F$ckn' Magic

Surrender to the unknown and create more HOLY F$CK MOMENTS!

Meet Amy

LIfe is magicalLet it unfold

You deserve a rewarding and enriching creative life.

Filled with satisfaction of the heart and soul.

At 32, I embarked on a transformative journey.

Struggling to find my authentic self amid a

declining marriage and the challenges of new motherhood,

I discovered a powerful roadmap to self-love.


From feeling trapped in my body and life,

I emerged liberated and alive with a profound

passion for life.


Today, I stand as a successful creative entrepreneur, dedicated to inspiring and transforming lives globally.

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Winning the Divine Lottery


Here's an opportunity to take your personal and spiritual development to the next level!

Create the life you love knowing without a doubt that you are inherently worthy!

Available on your favourite listening platform.

Now Available!
Image by Chris Lynch

You are a remarkable creation, born to create that which is loving and good.

It’s time. It’s time to do it now.

To give yourself the love and goodness that is your birthright. 

It’s infinite.

You are inherently worthy.

Your dreams and desires are in you by no fault, but to cause you to wake up to what you really are.

All She needs is Love Front Cover.jpg

All She Needs is Love

What if the key to loving yourself was within you this entire time?

This book is filled with love.  The kind of love that you will feel its diversity of emotions, pain, heartbreak, trauma, triumph, connection, compassion, sovereignty, and grace.  This book will give you permission to explore all of you; raw and unfiltered.  You will be held in love through the entire book.  A divine invitation into accepting wholeheartedly the fullness of what you are.  With empty pages and prompts to journal in the very core of the book as you explore your own thoughts about what is rising within you while reading and welcome you back into your center. 

My hope for you is that this book gives you a glimpse into the knowing that everything that has happened in your life had to happen.  That you are fully loved and worthy of receiving that love.

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