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Our Story

It all started with love letters and a billboard that said, "I'm Available" And the next thing you know we were determined to put up a LOVE billboard in Regina, SK, Canada.  What we couldn't have anticipated was...

What's Next For Love Big?

WE are so excited to announce that we have received official Proclamation from the city of regina proclaiming Love Week Regina from 
August 30th - Sept 6th, 2021!

What is Love Week Regina?

Love Week Regina is an opportunity for you to MAKE LOVE BIG.  We want to put LOVE everywhere we can by putting up as many LOVE BILLBOARDS in our city as possible.  We have a goal of raising $10,000 by August 1st, so we can start filling our city with LOVE.

Then during Love Week Regina, we will be creating different daily themes to raise the vibration of love, kindness, generosity and joy in our city.  The general public and businesses will be able to participate to help make LOVE BIG.

This page will have our THEMES GUIDE, CREATIVE and FUN WAYS to support and make LOVE BIG and to really help us create this momentum so we can RAISE LOVE and create a RIPPLE EFFECT of Gratitude across Saskatchewan.

We will be asking for sponsors, and we will have fun and unique ways to raise money over the next few months for the general public.

Image by Mei-Ling Mirow

Aug. 30

Random Acts of Kindness Day
Animal Kingdom

Aug. 31

Animal Love Day
Image by Johnny McClung


Body Love Day
Image by Nina Strehl

Sept. 2

Love Your Neighbour Day
Image by Karly Santiago

Sept. 3

Makers Love Day
Group Hug

Sept. 4

Local Love Day
Image by Julio López

Sept. 5

Music & Sound Day
Image by Julio López

Sept. 6

Labour of Love Day

How To Make LOVE BIG


Participate in one or all of the theme days during Love Week Regina.


Participate in Love Week Regina, as a business or team and be known as a LOVE BIG Ambassador.


Become a Sponsor and get recognized as a Love Big Ambassador on our Media


Upload your photos to IG and use our tags for each theme day showing how you made LOVE BIG.


Share this with everyone you know!

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