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Say yes to your Inner Goddess and Reclaim your Power

Special Edition of the Famous True Colors Experience.

Calling All Goddesses!

What power is trying to emerge in your life right now?

What light is trying to brighten up the dark corners of your life?

What Goddess is wanting to emerge in your life?

This is the Rise of the Goddess;

A profound exploration of the power that is within you, that is for you and is calling you out.

To true transformation.

This is the beginning of making your life unrecognizable.

Reclaim your truth, power and redesign your destiny!

Will you say YES!

Experience A Goddess Rise Session!

Be immersed in your beauty and light, as Goddess Amy accesses her true power of intuitively bringing your inner Goddess  energy to life with body painting.

Goddess Linell captures your experience of the unveiling of your inner goddess with her camera lens.

Set in a beautiful and intimate Studio Setting.

In the hands of your fellow goddesses.

You Receive:

-A 2 hour Intuitive Body Painting Session with Amy to awaken your inner goddess.

- 3 Professionally Edited High Resolution Images chosen by Linell @ In Photo

- Your goddess playground, (an exploration of movement in your true power)

- A follow up email from Amy which includes a transcript of the goddess energy emerged during your session.

- How to continue and support your journey for months to come.

YES! I Want to experience this!

Please watch the short video to your left for full details on how to apply.

Registration Fee of $587 is required after application has been accepted.

What our 1st Goddess had to say

The first thing I saw on my phone via social media one morning was the a post about a goddess rise experience. I knew immediately that it was no coincidence and I felt drastically compelled to partake in this calling. The title True Colors: Goddess Rise sounded very soulful and grounding to me and once I reviewed the video question I just knew that this experience was meant to be a part of my journey. It was a deep gut feeling/calling that I can't really explain, I just knew. The self reflection and enlightenment that it brought about for  me through the whole process from the application, to the painting, to the shoot, was just priceless. 


The application question is definitely where everything started to move into place and I just started to feel so good, to feel full after having communicated with my Goddess/higher power and seeing what was about to emerge into my life. After hearing back from Amy and setting a date for the experience I got a tiny bit nervous, I wasn't too sure what to expect, but I just knew that I wanted to and needed to do it. Upon arriving at the studio Amy and Linell immediately made me feel welcome and at ease, their energies are so positive and powerful, they are both just amazing women who I feel very drawn to and very comfortable with. We started with a group meditation of the 3 of us to exchange energies and become one, and from there the magic happened. Amy pulled out my true Goddess and represented her in such an artistic and accurate form that I was just blown away. It's hard to imagine how someone can capture your essence, you energy, your very soul by just painting you, but she did it perfectly. From the colors to the design everything just felt so me. It was just amazing, there are no words to describe it; and I highly recommend everyone have this done, it is just a breathtaking experience to see "you" be brought outside of you and onto your body via paint and art! I couldn't imagine feeling any better, until the photo shoot of the session started when Linell took over. She also captured my inner Goddess through means of action and expression of my body and emotions. Amy asked me to go to a place similar to how I felt through my application process and this is where everything came together. I just felt my Goddess and True Colors fill me up and take over my body to move me in such a way that I felt light as a feather, carefree, and just joyful. Linell captured these feeling in my photographs, which is just crazy to me. 

I feel like I am a very confident person, I am happy, and I am happy with myself with who I am, but of course we all have tiny doubts and insecurities in the back of our minds from time to time and this journey just made them all melt away for me. I felt like I was in a state of just pure bliss and self appreciation. Not once did I feel insecure, doubt, or really any feelings of negativity through this journey, I just felt so much love for myself, for Amy (the artist) & Linell (the photographer), for the world! I felt so secure. Secure with myself, secure with everything.


This whole experience helped validate to me that I am on the right path, that I'm doing what I need to be doing in my life and just to keep on being me and being great. 

I can not thank Amy and Linell enough for eliciting this feeling for me.


This experience is truly beautiful, and truly priceless - everyone should try it out!


-Brandi Smith 

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