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Image by Hal Gatewood

Before you go I want to personally invite you to something that's changed my life


Learning that everything is energy, frequency and vibration has dramatically changed how I move, the decisions I make and the place I am coming from.   It has helped me manifest some of my biggest dreams, allowed me to stay relaxed and calm through lifes ups and downs.

Our soul vibrates at frequencies aligned with our greatest potential and that is something to get excited about.

What that means is when we aren't listening to our soul life can feel pretty difficult, require a lot more effort and things just don't seem to change without us having to TRY REALLY HARD!

The good news is - it's not your fault.  You were "hard" wired for HARD!

The even better news is moving from your souls frequency is simple and extremely fulfilling. 

The great news is, it will be a challenge.  It might even feel like more effort at first.  But only to the Hard-Wiring.  

The Best NEWS YET - we are going to move you to a new level together.  We are going to receive upgrades to help you tune into the frequency of your soul together.   We are going to clear out the clutter of the hard-wiring that life has to be hard together.  Everything's better together!

Welcome to Soul FREQUENCY 
A 6 Week Group Coaching Transmission

What to Expect

Working with me is like stepping into a whole new world because we work together from the inside out.  Your inner world is a reflection of everything that you see.  And if you want to see things that are different we must go to the level of the soul and work with the energy there to transform your life.

Energetics always happens first.  And being a spiritual and intuitive guide that is the level I will be leading these coaching transmissions from.   We will be working from your highest potential and the field of energy where everything is possible.  While receiving high frequency soul transmissions that are congruent with what you need the most right now to shift you into your highest expansion.

The fact that you are here right now reading this already proves that your soul knows this is what you need.  That this will give you exactly what it is required for you to move through whatever challenges you have right now and reach a higher frequency.

The beautiful thing about SOUL FREQUENCY is you can expect a lot of

  • Magic​

  • Mystical Experiences

  • Clear Insight

  • Perspectives that will transform you

  • Releases from "hard"

  • Connection

  • Increased Trust in the Unknown

  • Beautiful Synchronicity

  • Fun

  • Inspiration

  • Empowerment

  • Vibrancy

  • Energy

  • Clarity in your being

  • Understanding and Compassion

  • Coming Home to your Heart/Soul

  • Deep Self Love

  • Effortless Creation

And whatever you intend for this SOUL FREQUENCY to BE for you, it will BE.  That's how powerful you are.

I welcome you into a DEEPER CONNECTION to your SOUL - A Way to LIVE MORE FULLY

Weekly Zoom Calls Starting Monday January 23rd @ 10:00 a.m. CST (Videos will be recorded and sent to you if you can't make the live calls)

SOUL Seat - 1 person will be intuitively selected to come live on the call with me to work 1:1 together for about 15 minutes at the end of the call.

Calls will be 90 minutes and run for 6 Consecutive Weeks.

Investment: $388 + tax

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