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True Colours

Body Painting

This moving and profound experience offers the energy systems of the body a visual stage for expression. True Colours allows you to witness and honour your forgotten stories as they surface and become artistically realised on the naked canvas.  Deeply trapped emotions of shame, fear and guilt release you from their burden as we integrate their lessons and deliver them into Love. True Colours sessions are photographed to capture the beauty of the stories that unfold.

In person only

You must be familiar with Amy’s work prior to scheduling a True Colours session. 


True Colours
Transformation Program

Be part of the first group of individuals in the world to learn this STATE-OF-THE-ART Transformation Process, in ta 4 month Online Interactive Program with Amy right by your side!!! You will not only learn how to facilitate a True Colours Session, but you will receive a GOLDEN TICKET deep inside of your self image and conception of who you think you are!  And radically and outrageously transform your life!  Please Contact Amy directly for information as right now it's her priority to connect with those eager Soulful Individuals 1:1.

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