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Canvas Painter

Dare to Play

There is only one way to find out if you're being to serious in your life!  Come to an Ecstatic Paint Night!  With low lighting, music curated to stir the spirit, perhaps a blind fold, or using just your hands to paint, you will get to move past your edges, all of your should's and just let go.  Awaken your inner child, heal all of the built up tension and stress inside of you, and give yourself permission to live fully, detached from the outcome!

"The moment it becomes hard work we are not advancing"

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It only takes one stroke of paint to give you...

An entire new perspective.  Imagine an hour of no self-imposed rules, obligations or you getting in your own way.  Imagine what could happen, what you could release and the space that could be created when you just be fully present with an experience with no end result in mind.  This is what Ecstatic Painting offers.  It's a space to unshackle, unbound, and be free as you will allow yourself to be.  

Next Ecstatic Paint Night, June 2nd,7:00 - 8:00 p.m.

What to Wear

Paint Clothes - You wont care about getting paint on them.

Indoor Shoes/Socks/Barefoot - You won't care about getting paint on them.

Cost: $35-Pre-registration is required 

All materials will be provided.  No take home canvases from Ecstatic Painting as we repurpose canvases for other Ecstatic Paint Nights.  If you wish to take home your canvas you are more than welcome to bring your own canvas.

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