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My painting style portrays the inner transformations we go through in life! I absolutely love to paint and I channel infinite spirit through my own life experience. I am inspired by personal growth and discovering our inner potential and all the love that is available to each and everyone of us. Just like my custom soul paintings these paintings capture the evolution of soul which is as beautiful as the blossoming of a wild flower.  To the naked eye, it happens so fast.  In a blink, one day, it just opens.  The process and style of painting takes you inside the blooming of your own soul.  It captures every layer of expression, growth and unfolding.  It celebrates the human transformation and the blooming of who we are meant to become.

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I was never an art enthusiast.  I didn’t buy expensive paintings, had next to no interest in art galleries, and pretty much decorated my house with items found at the local houseware stores or online. 

I came across an image of a painting scrolling through social media.  And although this might sound crazy, everything stopped.  Time, my thoughts, space… it just stopped. 

I saw this painting and if I could put words on it, it connected straight through to my heart, my core, my soul, like a stick or wand. 

I kept scrolling. 

A few days later, I came across it again.  Everything stopped again and I said to myself “That’s for me.  I want that painting.” 

I’ve said that about lots of things “I want this, I want that…” but this was like a surreal feeling, it wasn’t just something I wanted, it was something that I actually felt was created for me specifically somehow.  It wasn’t a painting, it was an experience, a feeling, a message. 

Now, I had never ever, nor had I ever dreamed of investing in a painting or artwork before in my life like this. 

But I kept thinking about this painting and this knowing that it was “mine”,  or that was “made for me”. 


I didn’t know Amy very well at the time.  We had chatted a couple times sporadically over a year.  I knew a little about her painting and the process and meaning behind them.  I thought it was fascinating and interesting but I had never considered something like this for myself.


I decided that it was mine, photoshopped “SOLD” on it and texted it to Amy.  I wrote “So, I did a thing” I had to have it.  There’s no logical explanation and this wasn’t a regular purchase for me.  It was a strong sensation and I acted on it right then and there.  


Every time I would look at this picture on my phone, I would feel drawn into the center.  I was mesmerized by the movement of this painting.  The colors, the shifting, the activity on this canvas.  It spoke to me, it stirred feeling within me, it comforted me, it calmed me.  


It took some time before I could pick it up and bring it home.  At the time, I was renovating my house, so the timing was perfect.  I knew exactly where this painting would go, in the heart of my home, in the kitchen on the dining room wall where my boys and I sit and converse over meals. 


I was so excited to bring “her” HOME with me.  I measured and hung it up and I loved her so much!  I can only describe this “painting” as an experience.  I have a connection with it, it’s aligned with me in a very deep spiritual and energetic way.  I am connected to it and yet I still don’t understand the depths of this connection, it is so comforting, calming, and perfect. 


Amy shared with me that we didn’t’ know each other when she painted it (in the 3D world) but I believe our paths crossed and my connection to her creation was set in motion long before the day we met and the day that I first saw this painting. 


When something resonates with your spirit, your core, you KNOW.  This painting represents my purpose on this planet, validates my journey, trials and tribulations, celebrates my growth, progress and the unfoldment of my soul.


It is ME!  Amy captured my spirit in this painting!  And we didn’t even know each other then! 


And, you know what the most incredible part is?  It all started with one tiny word written in the center of this big beautiful blank canvas. 




This painting is a physical representation of something that we cannot physically see, hear, or touch.  It can only be felt.  Now I can “SEE” FAITH. 


Thank you, Amy.  You are an angel and bring the message of hope, faith, and courage. 

-Crystal McRae Lendvoy, Certified High Performance & Wealth Coach

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