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A 6 Week Devotional to Your Most Illustrious Highest Self


Facilitated by Amy Dawns,
Founder & CEO at Making Love Loud

The ILLUSTRIOUS WOMAN knows who she is, knows what she's been through, she knows all the times she's sobbed in her shadow, gotten back up, never gave up, and no body saw it but her.  She knows that every moment she spent in hiding doing the hardest things, that she has never gained the respect, admiration and knowing  for, are the very things that make her worthy of the highest love.  The ILLUSTRIOUS WOMAN is YOU, and SHE has seen everything that's happened in the shadows, and LOVES and HONOURS YOU with the most HOLY admiration, HIGH respect and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  It's time you met her and saw her through your own eyes.  It's a lens that will change the way you look at everything, but most importantly you.

In this 6 Week Devotional we will...

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About Me

The Illustrious Woman


The hidden morsel within a woman's heart

A light so bright it even scares her

And yet she yearns for it

She yearns for her illustrious Self

Because she feels its authenticity and power

And in her embrace she is at home

Yet she ducks and dives in the brightness of her

Keeping her safe from being seen

Because she knows that if she was fully seen she would stand out

Not fit in

It’s a glorious dance

As she wants to radiate as bright as the moon

She wants to be acknowledged for all of her accomplishments

Ones only she sees

The time when…

she picked herself back up from the floor after sobbing

For every night she tucked her child in to sleep

For every bill she’s paid on time

For having the courage to make that phone call

For sitting in reflection and the willingness to look at her shadows

For overcoming her biggest fears

For starting again

For releasing things that no longer served her from her life

For allowing herself to dream again

For never giving up

A magnitude of achievements that are only ever witnessed by her

So she downplays them as being not worthy of recognition

And in her own way, she doesn't even recognize them herself as wonderful

Oh but the illustrious woman is wondrous

And she is already KNOWN

She is already RESPECTED

She is already ADMIRED for all of the achievements she claims as unworthy of admiration.


And within her is a KNOWING that she is an extension of DIVINE INTELLIGENCE

In disguise in her womanly body.





Everything that she hides is KNOWN

Every fear

Every weakness

Every not worthy achievement






Imagine her

Imagine being her


What would change in your life if you had this knowing that everything you’ve achieved in your life that you feel are not worthy of ADMIRATION, are FULLY ADMIRED?

How would you feel if all of what you believe to be UNWORTHY in YOU was WORTHY and HIGHLY RESPECTED?


What if you were already that which you wish to be and what if that was the ILLUSTRIOUSNESS and the BRIGHTNESS calling you out of the SHADOWS.





To finally accept her SELF for all the SHE IS





It’s time to accept her fully

There are so many things that we do as women that know one ever knows about, because we do it in hiding, completely alone and on our own.  And we deem these things as not worthy of recognition, yet we crave it.  We want to be fully seen for all the hard things we over come daily, that no one else see's and knows, but us. However, as women, we carry so much shame, judgment, and condemnation about these things we do in hiding because they are attached to a story.

Bringing together a group of women in this way and giving YOU full permission to say "HEY GIRL, NO, YOU'VE GOT IT ALL WRONG, that thing you do in hiding is worthy of recognition and it's so worthy of admiration, because it already is. The Illustrious woman really represents our eternal divine nature, our highest self, our highest being and we've got to be able to give her to ourselves.  To let her in and accept her fully.

We’ve already done so much on our own that we are designed this way.  We are designed as over-comers, over-achievers, over-accomplishers, multi-taskers and multi-sensory masters. We are naturally designed this way, so instead of downplaying and diminishing this, why not be the one's to give us so much recognition for what we already do, because the Illustrious Woman knows who she is, she knows what she’s been through, she knows all the time she’s gotten down on the floor and sobbed her eyes out, because she felt alone, she was at her wits ends, and she felt like she was so tired and so exhausted in her soul, but guess what she got back up and no body saw that. 


For all the times that nobody saw what you do every day all on your own and you found a way through it, take a moment to recognize it right now.

The Illustrious Woman knows and see’s and admires and respects every single achievement and experience in her life as a blessing that has been bestowed upon her, to make her recognize how she was designed by the grace of God. 

There is no shame in what she has been through, every single ounce, every single droplet, every single ingredient was part of the master recipe, the masterpiece of her life.

And the illustrious woman knows this and it's a knowing so deep within her that she walks around as the boldness, as the knowing, as the admiration, and as the respect, because all of that flows into this devotion, this eternal commitment to her soul. 

And the illustrious woman now serves her soul.  She serves her own SELF. 

She understands its not about fitting in anymore, it’s not about standing out either.  It’s not even about achieving anymore. 

It’s about being devoted to her soul.  It’s being devoted to love.  It’s about radiating love, abundance and prosperity.  And radiating goodness and fullness. 

She knows who she is and she knows all those moments where she hid those unworthy parts was a part of her that was afraid of being Illustrious.

This is what we are diving into during these 6 weeks.  You're going to come into those unworthy places, maybe for the first time in your life. 

You’re going to come into that shame, and not run away.

You’re going to meet condemnation and lay down the sword. 

You’re going to meet all of these places that have been hidden in the shadows and you are going to be the light for them.

You are going to going to be ILLUSTRIOUS!

Abundance Portal: $999 (save the tax), when you register by April 9th, 2022

Master Portal: $1111 + applicable taxes, when you register after April 9th.

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Inside the
Illustrious Woman

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For the woman devoted to her soul. For the woman committed to love. For the woman who wants to know and fully accept her highest self. 

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A Portal of Devotion to Your Highest Self 


Group Zoom Calls Wednesday's from

6:30 p.m. - 7:25 p.m. (55 minutes), starting May 4th & ending June 8th.

One Private Phone Call with Amy (33 minutes) during the 6 weeks.

Weekly Voxer Connections - Amy will spontaneously come into the chat with inspired wisdom as she is guided to do so by her own Highest Self.  This will also be a great way to stay connected to the group of illustrious women and share your insights.

Pure Potential Soul Meditation - to help guide you to a deeper connection with your highest self and vision for your life.

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