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Image by Antonino Visalli

Where Mentorship, Creativity & Self Expression Meet!

Welcome to Birthing Artist Academy! Here at the  Academy we do everything together.  We grow together, we dream together, we create together, we serve together, we meditate together and we celebrate together!  

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Image by Katy Anne

It's Time To Be You!

Learn radical self-love, confidence, creating from inspiration, speaking with poise, painting intuitively, writing from your heart, forming sisterhood bonds,  and playing with total freedom.  Release the fear of not enough and the need to prove your worth!


Our Fall Academy offers you safe, innovative and support environment to be FULLY YOU, unapologetically. 

 *Intuitive Painting!

* Spoken Word Poetry

* Learn to Meditate & Visualize!

* Make New Friends!

* Speak Unapologetically!

* And so much more!

* All Materials Included!


Hi my name is Amy,

As a mother and a woman, I know how important it is for our youth to have a safe place to go to discover who they truly are in a world that often confuses that for them.  It's important for our children to know their self worth, learn self love , and value one another.  Growing up can feel frightening, overwhelming and intimidating at times.  We often start to hide and shrink our authentic expression for fear of being rejected, humiliated and even bullied.  


It's easy to look back at my own life and see what I was missing to support my journey as a young girl who had BIG Dreams.   I believe that we all have something special and unique within us and more often than not we don't allow that to shine through because we are trying to fit into what is accepted by the world.

As young females we can feel so pressured to be a "perfect" version of what a girl should be.  I am here to tell you that perfect version doesn't exist.  What does is exist is the perfect version of you.  Your weird, that thing that you are hard on yourself for, is a key ingredient to your wonderful.  Your weird is what makes you wonderful.


I want nothing more than our girls to grow feeling empowered, knowing how to love themselves and 100% understand their worth.  And when they forge, to be able to have a space to remind and empower them.

You are enough and you don't have to do anything to prove it.


May you grow strong, confident and focused on your purpose, dreams and desires.


May you know your importance of being in this world, value one another, and know that all things are possible when you believe...and even if you don't believe, others can believe in you.


I believe with all of my heart that the Academy will change  your lives because it will do the most important thing, it will connect you to that place inside of you that say's I AM ENOUGH!

We will do that by creating with our voices, words, hands and our hearts.  Your purest creative self expression is on the other side of this Academy, but really it's inside of you.

Birthing Artists Academy Ages 10-16
Week Night Program, Starting September 13th, 2023

Where: Inside Fly Fitness & Aerial Arts (2nd Level) - 1438 Lindsay St. Regina, Sk

When: Wednesday's September 13th, 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Duration: 6 weeks

Early Bird Enrolment Fee: $99.00 (before September 5th)

Regular Enrolment Fee: $125.00

What our Girls Do at the Academy.


We Meditate Together.

This teaches,

Mindfulness, Focus, Self-Compassion, Self-Observation, Stillness, and Connection to Our Inner voice.


We Intuitively Paint Together.

This teaches,

Trust in our creative ability and intuition, fun, letting go, play, curiosity, value of contrast and conflict.


We Ask Empowering Questions.

This teaches,

Potential, Open-Mindedness, Thinking Big, Listening and Patience.


We Speak Together.

This teaches,

Respect, Listening, Confidence, Vulnerability, Strength and that our Voices are Important.


We Celebrate Together.

This teaches,

Connection, Community, Sisterhood, Joy in the Journey, and that Failure is part of growth.  Yes we celebrate it all!


We Grow Together.

This teaches,

Acceptance, Compassion, Self-Love, Self-Worth, Kindness and Respect.


We Serve Together.

This teaches,

Inspiration, Generosity, Empowerment, Vision and Purpose.

We Create Together.

This teaches,

Right use of our imagination, Exploring Possibilities, Intention, Playfulness

Please reach out with any questions you may have.  All payments can be made online or via etransfer.

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