Paint the World Love with Amy

True Colours

Body Art

This moving and profound experience offers the energy systems of the body a visual stage for expression. True Colours allows you to witness and honour your forgotten stories as they surface and become artistically realised on the naked canvas.  Deeply trapped emotions of shame, fear and guilt release you from their burden as we integrate their lessons and deliver them into Love. True Colours sessions are photographed to capture the beauty of the stories that unfold.

In person only

You must be familiar with Amy’s work prior to scheduling a True Colours session. 

Custom Soul Painting

These custom pieces translate your soul’s resonance into visual therapy that will uplift and inspire you every time you gaze into it. After tuning into your soul essence, Amy translates the colours, patterns, textures and shapes relayed to her onto canvas. These pieces are created in layers, as the energies make themselves known – creating a multidimensional representation of the unique energy signature of your soul.  Your piece will stay with you as you journey through your life, offering new interpretations of itself along the way to meet you where you are.  

Amy's Walls

Do you have an area in your home that is calling to be brought to life? Is there a space that needs the energy turned up, or the Love to be louder? These walls are commissioned murals in a location of your choice, created and informed by the energies of the space itself, the energies of those living in or near the space, and the area’s intended use. Like custom soul paintings, Amy’s Walls are painted in layers and intuitively guided to be channelled free-form expressions of Love that will be felt and enjoyed by anyone sharing the space. Click here to see more images of Amy’s Walls.


Making Love Loud for The Wild Woman

We are looking for diverse women who want to experience the True Colours Process, free their wild woman, share their story, be part of a book and change the world!
Paintings In Gallery

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