Paint the World Love

Custom Soul Painting

These custom pieces translate your soul’s resonance into visual therapy that will uplift and inspire you every time you gaze into it. After tuning into your soul essence, Amy translates the colours, patterns, textures and shapes relayed to her onto canvas. These pieces are created in layers, as the energies make themselves known – creating a multidimensional representation of the unique energy signature of your soul.  Your piece will stay with you as you journey through your life, offering new interpretations of itself along the way to meet you where you are.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How are sessions conducted? 

Sessions may be conducted in person or by video conference using Zoom. 

True Colours sessions require approval by phone and are facilitated in person only.


What can I expect from a private session with Amy? 

Every session with Amy is different, as a result of being divinely guided to honour your most immediate needs. Amy will partner with you to go deep into limiting beliefs and hold space while they transform. 


What forms of payment are accepted? 

E-transfer, and credit card through PayPal


How long is a session? 

Private sessions are offered on an hour-by-hour basis. Please allow 3 hours for True Colours sessions. 


What is the timeline for a custom soul painting or wall creation? 

Each custom painting varies in project duration as it is completed on an hour-by-hour basis over the course of several weeks.


What is Amy’s cancellation and refund policy? 

Please provide 24 hours notice for all appointment cancellations except True Colours (1 week). Failing to provide adequate notice may result in full charges.


What kind of paint is used for True Colours sessions? 

True Colours uses a variety of body paint brands, all made for contact with the skin and non-toxic.

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