Welcome to the magical mystery of universal soul sessions.  A soul session is a universal energetic blueprint that selects power images to help align your personality with your soul and turn up the dial to universal love, to help guide you towards your most fulfilled life.  These are not a prediction of your future, but rather an energetic map of powerful images that assist you into greater alignment with your soul.  Allowing these sessions to work for you and practicing using the images provided on a soul level can connect you deeper to the universal energies and the deep love that exists within you.

Universal Soul Session : Wave Portal (April 2021) "TRUST"

The main highlights of this session include, putting everything through the wash cycle that is no longer serving you, opening yourself up to the organic wave portal that has got you covered and expands and brightens every time you take a step forward towards your vision of the future. Faith focused and trusting that each step you take expands and includes more of your future vision, creating from the now, not from past fears, worries and guilt, etc.  Don't forget to watch my Youtube video talking about the highlights of this soul session.

May Session: Coming Soon!

We can't wait to see whats in store for your soul!

June Session: Coming Soon!

We can't wait to see whats in store for your soul!