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True Colours,

Be Transformed

Your life is the masterpiece and you are the artist.


Have your deeply embedded cellular story of your mind/body/spirit come to life in colour through body painting.

An impeccable blend of intuitive body art, energy healing, intelligent love, photography, soul integration and ecstatic movement.


Come as you are.
You’re enough.
Step into a deep transformation of your inner world.
Release trauma.
Experience deep healing.
Relax and unfold your worries, doubts and fears.
Release the need to prove your worthiness.

                        Now accepting submissions to experience the revolution of Body Painting.

What you can expect:

* an experience as unique as you
* going deep into your core wounds and belief systems
* remembering who you really are
* being naked (mind/body/soul)
* a safe and nurturing environment
                    *laying comfortably for a couple hours while

                  you are painted and led through a transformation process with an expert.
* being photographed from start to finish
* seeing yourself with your painted story in a full length mirror
* movement to release your story from your nervous system
* an increase in Self Love & Appreciation

* Washing AWAY Your Story that is bound to you

* A NEW improved conception of YOUR SELF

* Seeing yourself through the EYES of the DIVINE

..... and so much more that cannot be presumed because that’s how incredibly unique you are.

All True Colours Session Include 3 hours 1:1 with Amy,  being photographed by a professional photographer and your image reveal.

Investment: $5, 000

By Application Only:

Please answer the following questions in a separate word document and attach it to your email.  Only those considered will be contacted.

* Why do you want to do this?
* What you are wanting to gain from this experience?

* What are you willing to let go of?

* What is your desire for SELF TRANSFORMATION?

* What experience do you have with energy work and personal development?

*How much have you invested on yourself in the past?

*What is your level of commitment?

* What is your greatest fear and if you received a way to overcome it, would you be willing?

* Are you comfortable with being photographed naked and having your most transformative photos (excluding genitals) shared on the internet for marketing purposes?

* Do you see your body and its canvas as a work of art designed by something bigger than you?

What is your relationship to your body?

* Who would you need to become to follow through with being your commitment when it comes to experience True Colours.

* 5 years from now after having experienced your True Colours Session who would you be, what would be different, what would others say about you?

Please Send Your Application to:

Client Praise


What Nicholas Says

It's something you just have to show up for yourself.

Be open and and ready to just feel whatever comes up and out.  It is truly an amazing experience that you can't overthink or expect. 

Just show up for yourself!

Amy sent me so deep into myself I just laid there in silence, cause every time I wanted to speak I dropped to a new level and new feelings.

Do it, let go of the trying to understand it and just let yourself fall.

You won't regret it!

Abstract Paint

Why Amy's Great >

bw-man -white.jpg

My True Colours Session  felt  like a rite of passage and a initiation where i got stripped of my colours, masked with other colours and as I washed my masked colours off, I was coming into communion with my true colours. 


I recommend going through this process.

Its not a one time event where you have some fun and then it’s over.  

Its a process which will stick with you for a while .

Its kinda like coaching. 

Its kinda like initiation. 

Its kind of like rite of passage. 

Its a transition. 

Its not an end its like a beginning for your new life .

Abstract Paint

Why Amy's Great >


Just prior to the session, I was diagnosed with diabetes and I was hoping this journey in healing would bring me peace.  Amy goes deep with her clients because that is where transformation happens. There has been a change within.  I am truth, I am love, I am light, I am divinity; expressing myself in physical form, a warrior, a goddess.

You deserve a rewarding creative life. Filled with satisfaction of the heart and soul.  The greatest joyous moments and experiences, because you came to the understanding that you are a remarkable creation, born to create that which is loving and good. It’s time. It’s time to do it now. To give yourself the love and goodness that is your birthright.  It’s infinite. You just need to understand that you came here to create. Your dreams and desires are in you by no fault, but to cause you to wake up to what you really are.” 
- Amy Dawns
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