True Colours,

Be Transformed

Have your deeply embedded cellular story of your mind/body/spirit come to life in colour through body painting.

An impeccable blend of intuitive body art, conscious based energy medicine, photography, soul integration and ecstatic movement.


Come as you are.
You’re enough.
Step into a deep transformation of your inner world.
Release trauma.
Experience deep healing.
Relax and unfold your worries, doubts and fears.
Release the need to prove your worthiness.

                        Now accepting submissions to experience the revolution of Body Painting.

What you can expect:

* an experience as unique as you
* going deep into your wounds
* remembering who you really are
* being naked (mind/body/soul)
* a safe and nurturing environment
                     *laying comfortably for a couple hours while

                  you are painted and led through a transformation process with an expert.
* being photographed
* seeing yourself with your painted story
* movement to release your story from your nervous system
* an increase in Self Love

..... and so much more that cannot be presumed because that’s how incredibly unique you are.

Please include in your submissions:

* why you want to do this
* what you are wanting to gain from this experience.

Please sent them written or by video to:

Limited space available.
Only those submissions that have been

approved will be contacted.

Client Praise

What Nicholas Says

It's something you just have to show up for yourself.

Be open and and ready to just feel whatever comes up and out.  It is truly an amazing experience that you can't overthink or expect. 

Just show up for yourself!

Amy sent me so deep into myself I just laid there in silence, cause every time I wanted to speak I dropped to a new level and new feelings.

Do it, let go of the trying to understand it and just let yourself fall.

You won't regret it!

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Abstract Paint

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