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Proposal Queens

Taking the Planning out of Your Proposal

Hi! We are Amy & Jess and we are the Proposal Queens.  It is our mission and intention to bring you the perfect proposal by taking the planning into our own hearts and hands, so you can just show up and do your thing.  We want you to savour the moment and we will take care of the rest!

Our Story

We have been neighbours since 2021 and our sons both have a love for basketball.  And it just so happens we do too! But the real bond between us started when we decided to do the 75 Hard Challenge together.  We realized we just work well as a team.   We also both have a love for bringing joy and inspiration to others and that sparked the idea to help people achieve the perfect proposal be eliminating the stress and overwhelm that can accompany it.  We believe that living in the moment fully is what makes lasting memories.  And that's what we want others to experience.  Plus, we love creating magic and beautiful settings in the neatest locations.  Watch out Regina because we are adding Magic to the city of LOVE.

Meet The Team



My Laugh: I can make myself laugh so hard I cry!

My Mushy: Mash Potatoes!! Haha!  I super compassionate!

What I am most excited about when it comes to this business adventure: I can feel its going to so much fun bringing peace of mind to the person proposing and getting to be a part of and witness magical, love-filled moments that you only see in the movies!

What makes me laugh: myself, spontaneity, my son, and my dogs!

Favourite Food: My eating has changed so much throughout my life, so anything healthy, but if I had to pick one I would say CHOCOLATE!

Favourite Colour: I am an artist , so this is always changing!

Passions: Inspiring others to see how magical they really are, painting, writing and performing!

What you may not believe about me: My real age!

Favourite Holiday: Christmas


Favourite Season: SUMMER!

Jess is AMAZING!

My Laugh: Loud and Contagious!

My Mushy: I am Kind hearted!

What I am most excited about when it comes to this business adventure: I love seeing people happy and knowing I can contribute to that brings me joy!

What makes me laugh: my children, my cats and being around good people!

Favourite Food: Pizza!

Favourite Colour: Purple!

Passions: Basketball, Crocheting  and Baking.

What you may not believe about me: I still have a baby tooth!

Favourite Holiday: CHRISTMAS!!!


Favourite Season: Fall!

The Perfect Proposal

The Perfect Proposal Set Up

Simple, Easy, Efficient, Magical and Affordable!

Where: Your favourite Location in Regina!

When: You Pick the time and day!

What: We bring the set up and you get to enjoy it!

* Faux Realistic Rose Petals

Light Up Marry Me Sign


*Vases with led light Candles

*Speaker to play music

* Camera's to capture the Magical Moment

* 3 Images Included to share on your Social Media Platforms and with family & friends.


And we clean everything up! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Cost: $500 plus applicable taxes

*Personalized Add-Ons Available for an extra charge*

*Disclaimer* (Not actual images of our set up, but the image on the right is very similar to what we will be offering)

Image by Dylan Sauerwein

Our Clients

We Can't Wait to MEET YOU!!!!

We’d love to help you with your proposal!
How do you prefer we contact you?
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Thanks for your interest! We will chat with you soon!

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