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Make Your Love Loud
1 Year Exclusive Coaching with Amy


If you have identified that one or more aspects of your life isn’t working or pleasing you, whether it be in your family, relationship to Self and others, your finances, career or your behaviour patterns. 


If you are ready to get back in the driver’s seat of your life and are willing  to take inspired action rather than forcing an outcome.


If you are exhausted from surviving and truly want to thrive. 


If you are ready to  get back to yourself, blocking out all the noise and turn up the volume on your inner light/love. 


If you are ready to get beyond your fears, limitations and beliefs about yourself and the world in order to transcend those heavy vibrations. 


If you are willing to bring  bravery, commitment and an open heart.


Whatever it is that is causing you to want to numb it away or control it into submission - that’s where we need to go. 


I won’t pretend that this work is easy, but this is the work that counts. This is the work that changes lives and impacts communities.


If you’re ready and want to Learn How to: 

  • gain Emotional control 

  • ask your for your needs and set healthy boundaries. 

  • Heal from trauma 

  • Create an Authentic Self Image 

  • Raise Your Voice so you are always speaking from your heart 

  • Enhance Your Sexual Energy and feel Alive again. 

  • thrive even when living with a physical or mental ailment 

  • meditate, vision and use the law of attraction 

  • Re-design your life 

  • Re-claim your birthright to joy, love and laughter 

  • Alter perceptions and bend reality 

  • Enhance Your relationships

  • Create more abundance 

  • Take meaningful action that fulfills you 

  • Let go of past hurts and unconscious belief systems 

  • Take charge of your life 

  • Stop letting opinions of others stop you. 

  • Go for your dreams 

  • Stop procrastinating 

  • Turn down the volume to your inner critic 

  • Turn up the volume to unconditional love

  • Love yourself like you’re the best damn thing that’s happened to you

  • Discover all the hidden gifts and talents within you 

  • Become super self aware

  • Access your own inner genius

  • Gain confidence and stop relying on others to validate your worth 

  • Have more fun and actually enjoy your life 


If you truly are ready to do this. 

To Be This. 

To Embody This. 


I put the spotlight on you and support you as we peel back the layers of old stuff that isn’t serving you anymore and transforming it with radical acceptance and love for the Self. 


The awareness that you gain about yourself in our work together will impact every area of your life. You will shift to seeing yourself as the creator of your life – victim mentality will not enter your mindspace. 


You will begin to see and understand how life is happening for your benefit and how to work with it. You will stand grounded in yourself and you will begin to dance with life, rather than resist its lead. 


Committing to this work will be a milestone in your life, and I am passionate about my ability to show up for you as someone ready to support your process with the only agenda being your process and your needs. 


I will lead you out of your comfort zone and into the light of what is truly living inside you.



Your comfort zone is holding you back – let’s turn up the volume and Make Your Love Loud.


To work with me 2-3 time a month for 1 year normally would cost $7, 992.00. 


I Am offering for you to work with me for 1 year for ONLY  $5,000!!

That’s almost a $3000,00 savings. 


And not only does this include your monthly sessions, but also exclusive support in between sessions. 


Plus a Bonus of Learning my Course Conscious Reads Level 1 & 2, Messages from Soul, a $600.00 Value!


And as an extra bonus to the first 6 people that my invest in this program I will gift you my new book that is being published, All She Needs is Love. 


Imagine a year from now when you decided to Love Yourself like You’re the Best Damn Thing that’s Happened to you, and made this investment and bet on you. 


You are reflecting on the year where you went all in on you. 

When you decided you were worthy. 

When you decided nothing else mattered and nothing was more important than giving yourself what you knew you deserved. 

Now here you are, a year later feeling more alive, confident, lighter, assured, certain, clear, determined, poised, relaxed, audacious, happy, inspired, free and fulfilled. 

All because you made 1 choice to say YES to INVESTING in your 1 precious life. 


I see you. 


I see you. 



Now imagine what will happen if you don’t give yourself this opportunity. 


Click this link before your ego gets in the way and tries to talk you out of your best year yet. 


Apply to work with me for a year and save yourself thousands of dollars. 

And that’s just the dollars you will save. 


But what about the time you will save yourself from living an unfulfilled life. 

You can’t put a price on that. 

Time is limited. 


And spots are limited to work with me this way. 


Act Now. 

Don’t hesitate. 

This offer is only on for a limited time. 

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