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We Are Important

Birthing Artists Girls Academy

*We grow together

* We dream together

*We celebrate together

* We serve together

*We meditate together

*We create together


We Are...





Open Minded





Young Girls,

who Dream Big and Know our Worth!

Dear Parents,

As a mother and a woman, I know how important it is for our young girls to have mentor-ship that strengthens their self worth, self love and value of one another and the world around them.

Growing up as a young girl can feel frightening, overwhelming and intimidating at times.

It's easy to look back at my own life and see what I was missing to support my journey as a young girl who had BIG Dreams. 

I am humbled and passionate to provide outstanding service and empowerment for our young girls.


May they grow strong, confident and focused in their purpose, dreams and desires.

May they know their importance of being in this world, value one another, and know that all things are possible.

This is a Creative Mentoring Program that I believe with all of my heart will change our future generation for the better.

I would love to hear from you.  Please contact me with any questions you may have.



What our Girls Do at the Academy.

We Meditate Together.

This teaches,

Mindfulness, Focus, Self-Compassion, Self-Observation, Stillness, and Connection to Our Inner voice.

We Intuitively Paint Together.

This teaches,

Trust in our creative ability, fun, letting go, play, curiosity, value of contrast and conflict.

We Ask Empowering Questions.

This teaches,

Potential, Open-Mindedness, Thinking Big, Listening and Patience.

We Speak Together.

This teaches,

Respect, Confidence, Vulnerability, Strength and that our Voices are Important.

We Celebrate Together.

This teaches,

Connection, Community, Sisterhood, Joy in the Journey, and that Failure is part of growth.  Yes we celebrate it all!

We Grow Together.

This teaches,

Acceptance, Compassion, Self-Love, Self-Worth, Kindness and Respect.

We Serve Together.

This teaches,

Inspiration, Generosity, Empowerment, Vision and Purpose.

Our First Birthing Artists Girls Academy is now complete!

Check back soon for our SUMMER CAMP Schedule!



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