Custom Soul Paintings

Imagine a HUGE ORACLE of your SOUL... hanging on your wall.

Capturing the magnificent layers of eternal energies. 





A harmonic merging of the formless with the form, multidimensional and multi sensory. 


An eternal gift  for you to treasure and something that will live beyond your departure from the physical world. 

These are custom Soul Paintings, and I have been creating them for a decade!

I have  created them for:


*Pets that have transitioned

*Devotional Poetry

*Book Covers



These custom Soul Paintings translate your soul's resonance into visual therapy that will uplift and inspire you every time you gaze into it.  After tuning into your soul essence, I translate the colours, patterns, textures and shapes relayed to me onto a canvas.  These pieces are created in layers, as the energies make themselves known - creating a multidimensional representation of the unique energy signature of your soul.  Your piece will stay with you as you journey through your life, offering new interpretations of itself along the way to meet you where you are.


Custom Soul Paintings are $3333.00 plus tax

Size: 24 x36 on Gallery Wrapped Canvas


Your Custom Soul Session Recording (the energetic blueprint and vision to your painting)

A video of all the layers after completion of your painting.

A Certificate of Authenticity

And a Special Surprise Gift

Completed within 4-6 weeks


"The process was unique.  When I received the Soul Session recording I was more than surprised at how specific and personal it was.  My interest and excitement grew.  When the finished painting was delivered I was absolutely blown away!!  The colours, design and subject matter where as if Amy had spent time living in my brain.  I was absolutely thrilled with the painting she had created for me.  The cherished painting hangs front and centre in my meditation space.  Not a day goes by that I still don't marvel at it.  Amy managed to capture so much of "me" in her work.  I highly recommend this process to anyone.  Amy is a gifted, intuitive, creative soul.  She will amaze you!"

- Gordon Dean

Amy's ability to read souls is nothing short of remarkable!  My soul session from 2014 was so profound to me that it literally gave me the answers my heart was yearning for.  Most importantly, it solidified my belief in angels and that my lost loved ones really are hearing me and watching over me!  My soul painting hanging on my wall is a visual affirmation of my souls journey!

- Pam Asplund

"I love my custom Soul Painting and really appreciate the process that was underneath it.  The layers proceeding the final result are very personal for me and the video Amy made revealing all the layers brought me to tears.  Since having the painting home, I feel like I can see into me.  Everyone else that see's it comments on how beautiful it is, but they don't know all the layers that are involved.  I'm so grateful to have this made by Amy."

- Julie O'Neil

        Amy did a custom soul painting..... out of this world. I couldn't stop staring at it. I was in love with the energy she put into this painting."

-Nasim Rah