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Your Transformation


Find the King Pin of Your Unconscious I AM's

Using a process that was divinely channeled through Spirit, Amy guides you how to find the King Pin's ( the roots) of your untruth's that you've been subconsciously operating from and abolish them for good!  This is not only an initiation into your highest truth, but also an initiation to being led by spirit and trusting your intuition on a greater level!


Radical Acceptance of Your Subconscious Programming

Radically accepting what you find during this process allows you to lessen the resistance that your body/mind is carrying as dense energetic weight.  This process activates the transformation from within and connects you to your internal divine power.


Willingly Release The Old Paradigms from Your Nervous System

Somatically experience the release and expansion from your nervous system and create more coherency from within. Leaving you feeling expanded and ready to receive new potentials that are in alignment with your soul.


Allow Yourself to Be Drawn By a Higher Truth

As you make peace with your past, you automatically create a vortex of heart coherency around you which begins to increase the magnetism of your highest truth.   Closing the gap between the known and the unknown as you become a magnet for miracles.


Unapllogetically Accept Your Highest Truth

At first feeling unfamiliar and unnatural when you begin to unapologetically accept that which is not known to you; it begins to take root and replace those King Pins that once commanded your attention. This is the rise of the phoenix from the ashes of the old story of lack and limitations.


Raise Your Standards, Energy and Elevate to a Fuck Yes Frequency

It's time to take a stand in a new elevated state of awareness and claim your highest truth from your soul.   Writing your incantation from this elevated state will be your soul agency always calling you into your greatness.

Find Your F$ckn' Magic

Radically Step Into the Willingness to Receive

June 17th - 20th, 2024

@ 2 p.m. CST

Immersion on Zoom Live with Amy Dawns

This is for you if you want to...

  • Be available to new potentials

  • Trust beyond what you know (aka the unknown)

  • Experience f$ckn' magic

  • Break out of the box on how to use your gifts

  • Trust your intuition more

  • Experience higher levels of energy

  • Walk in your word and have your word be so f$ckn' powerful it moves you

  • Receive now, not later

  • Be more open and available to being led by Spirit

  • Own your gifts and use them to create even more magic

Investment: $444.00


  • 4 Immersive Zoom Calls with Amy where she will guide you into the Deep Dive I Am Process.

  • How to write your Soul Incantation and Implement it into your life.

  • How to continue use the I Am Process as you expand and grow.

  • Private Facebook Supportive Community

Please complete the form to REGISTER for this WORKSHOP

If you cannot make the live immersion the videos will be uploaded into the Private Facebook Group. 

Once you've submitted this form you will be taken to the online store to complete your payment.



My name is Amy Dawns

Hi I am Amy (A.K.A. Amazing Amy), a self-made leading lady who reclaimed my narrative after battling the relentless stories of never having enough or believing I was enough. Fuelled by my own journey, I am fervently dedicated to empowering women to embody their divine design. My passion lies in guiding others towards embracing their true selves and fulfilling their unique potential.

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