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Sacred I Am Offering



Sacred I AM Offering


We are in control of what happens inside of us. 
How we see, feel, speak about what is happening outside of us, comes from within. 
When we feel out of control, we have stepped away from our center of control within. 
Every time life becomes controversial, chaotic and conflicting, we have stepped outside of ourselves and become consumed with how we perceive our conditions and circumstances. 

This is an invitation to step back inside. 

This is an opportunity to experience Vibrational Discord in a supportive environment, to deepen your awareness and to use this awareness to create effective ways to bring you to harmony. 

You can use these tools by yourself or with a supportive partner who has experienced the process. 

This can create a complete transformation. 
Transformation is becoming something totally new.


A personal note: 

A year ago I divinely received insight into something pretty MAJOR. 
The root of ALL Intentions and the I AM CONSCIOUSNESS. 
It was a way of experiencing vibrational discord (being “IN-Tension) in a extremely supportive environment. 
Being supported to go into the roots of vulnerability; the tension that creates the gap between discord to harmony. 
If you can tend to this tension in such a LOVING AND SUPPORTIVE way, it becomes fully felt and recognized, and it will feel supported enough to leave; to dissolve. 
And you can recognize the harmony that is always available. 
And move towards it. 
It’s truly interesting to me how simple this method is, yet it can bring up a lot of discomfort. 
That’s usually what tension feels like. 
I found myself always searching for people who could support me in this way. 
Because I can support them in this way. 
The truth is. I can do it on my own. 
But we don’t always have to. 
We can create communities and offerings to support one another. 
I used to see me wanting this with people as bad or wrong or needy. 
But it’s not. It’s a healthy way to grow and heal together for those ready and willing to take that leap. 
The more I attend offerings and community gatherings the more I know life is speaking to me that it’s okay to want to be a part of garden, with fertile soil, amazing seeds and invigorating life giving potential. 
I’ve even been searching for this in a partner. I’ve found not everyone is ready to step into this type of partnership. 
I am. 
I want that. 
I decided that I want to be in a partnership where we are both willing and loving in supporting our growth that way. 
Instead of doing what most people do, pointing out flaws, insecurities and what you don’t like about the other person. 
I’ve outgrown that. 
I’m ready to be planted in something much bigger than me. 
I just finished taking myself through this experience. 
I needed to remind myself of who I truly am after going through a couple months of losing sight of that. 
I’m not shameful I went through that. 
Everything is cycled. 
And it brought me back to something that was given freely to me by source energy. 
I’m feeling called to share this with you all in a community like setting. 
It’s really powerful, nurturing, loving and accepting. 
Anything that brings you deeper into truth is valuable. 

Exchange of $25 to secure your seat. 
Please send etransfer to
*limited space*
Location will be provided upon registration.

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