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Welcome to your Creative Journey where you will awaken your limitless creative power to supercharge your personal and/or professional life!  Work without creativity is dead!  Learn to harness and expand your creativity alone and with others to make the unimaginable come to life!

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You are an artist because you have the power...

to create!  And if you feel stuck in a rut, in the same old routine, seeing the same results over and over again, with no real satisfying outcomes that you truly want,  then this is your call to awaken your inner artist and creative power!

Creativity is your birthright and it is the fuel and the magic that holds the power to allow quantum shifts.  There is infinite wonder and wisdom deep within you that is waiting for you to discover.

Your creative power can clear out patterns of lack, limitation and get you unstuck from cycles that are worn out.  

Behold you can make anything new!

Creative Journey's are the gateway to calling upon your perfect self expression in all areas of your life, home, business, work, relationships, projects, finances, and wellbeing.

Working better together requires giving everyone the space and the freedom to create from this power.  Take your life and team to the next level!

1:1 Creative Journey's

What's Included:

  • All materials

  • 1 Hour of Guidance through your Creative Journey

Cost: $150/hr


Please fill out the form below to book.

If you are open and stay tuned to what's happening, the answers will be revealed.
-Rick Rubin

Group Creative Journey's

What's Included:

  • All materials

  • Guidance through your teams Creative Journey

  • Assessment of your teams specific creative needs

Cost: TBD (This is determined by how many individuals will be involved, the length of time and the number of journey's requested)


Please fill out the form below to get you started.

The synergy of a group is as important-
if not more important-
than the talent of the individuals
-Rick Rubin

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