You have within you all the possibilities in the universe and we've got the PERFECT SYSTEMS in place to turn your MESS into a MASTERPIECE, your LACK in to FREEDOM and the life you don't want into the life that you do WANT!  This is how you we are MAKING LOVE LOUD in the WORLD!



Amy is a highly admired intuitive guide, coach, energy healer, soul artist,  spoken word artist, author and speaker.  She offers whole hearted teachings focused on helping coaches, artists, entrepreneurs and individuals who know there is something more to life, breakthrough limiting belief systems and programs.  Amy's passion is in guiding her clients to discover their true potential and authentic expression and phenomenally transform their lives from the inside out!

Amy first co-authored in The Revolution of Self - Love, which became an Amazon Best Seller, February 2019, and later published her first book of poetry, All She Needs is Love, October 3rd, 2020.

When Amy isn't with her clients,  she is channelling Custom Soul Paintings on canvases and walls for collectors of her art work.  Painting teaches Amy everything about life, because it teaches everything about her.  


You can also find her transforming peoples lives through her Body Paint Medicine Transformation Process; True Colours.


Amy has appeared on multiple podcasts, magazines, Elephant  Journal, local radio stations and television, made her way to the Dolby Theatre stage with Kyle Cease and has painted on many stages live.

Amy also started Love Big Community, October, 2019 where she raised funds to put a LOVE Billboard up in the city of Regina and is currently looking at putting a permanent LOVE sign up.  She has now officially received a proclamation from the City of Regina, proclaiming Love Week Regina, August 30th - September 6th, 2021. Love Big is her passion project and she has BIG Visions of it's future.

When Amy isn't working (which doesn't feel like work at all), you can find her enjoying life with her son, 2 dogs, kickboxing, yoga, spending time in nature, dancing, facilitating cacao ceremonies and at best, manifesting her BIGGEST DREAMS into reality.

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Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

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