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Calling Your Heart Home 

Welcome to this 3 Week Series starting April 6th, 2021. 



These Poetry Sessions with Amy Dawns will heal your inner child, create a deeper intimacy with all aspects of you and your life, and strengthen and empower the highest relationship with your own beloved; YOU! 

If you want to go deeper into the LOVE that exists within you, this series IS FOR YOU!

3, 90 minute sessions will all be held over zoom.



1st Series: Loving your inner child. (April 6th, @ 7 pm MDT)


The way to healing your inner child is by loving her/him.   Leaving nothing out and becoming the ultimate divine mom and dad to your little one who sits inside you. In this session we will explore giving your little one what they’ve always needed. Pure love and acceptance. Releasing the shame and guilt. 


2nd Series: Deeply Into Me See. (April 13th, @ 7 pm MDT)


  In this session we will be creating a deeper bond between you and you. The ultimate intimate sanctuary awaits you.  Where everything is sacred. And you matter and are important. You are the source of your purpose. Intimacy is the short cut to living fully in the purest ever expanding expression of you! 


3rd Series: Meeting the Beloved (April 19th, @ 7 pm MDT)


Your Radiant SELF. In this session fully immerse yourself inside your heart. Feeling all the feels stepping into the limitless, highest and purest expression of love that already exists inside of.  


That's right!

Absolutely no writing or poetry experience needed. This is a deep self exploration journey that will anchor you into love, acceptance and joy of being you. This is a time and a space to honour where you are, heal what surfaces and fall in love with the one person who has been and will be there, until death do you part; YOU!



All series will be one hour over zoom and the links will be emailed within 24 hours of each zoom call, for those that can't join the call.

3 week Series for $111 (plus applicable tax)!

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