Be Who You Are Meant to Be

not who you are supposed to be

Birthing Artists Academy
Phenomenal Creative Self Development Designed For You!
The Potential for Everything You Desire is already inside of you!


For Artists, Entrepreneurs and Humans


do you want to?

  • Let your greatness rise.

  • Embrace chaos with confidence.

  • Fall in love with your life.

  • Gain awareness that contrasts births beauty and all desires.

  • Confidently know that you can change your future.

  • Increase your sense of connection.

  • Unleash your creative potential.

  • Enhance your vitality and energy.

  • Transform your fears of the unknown into a useful source of power.

  • Over come doubt and worry.

  • Create the future that is going to bring you the most joy and fulfillment.


do you want to?

  • Understand what is trying to emerge from your business, through its perceived set backs.

  • Give life to what is trying to emerge so your business can become what its meant to become.

  • Clear patterns that are limiting the growth and potential of your business.

  • Shift abundance blocks.

  • Maximize your creative edge.

  • Learn how to source your energy.

  • Transform your business to a multiple sourced flow of prosperity, abundance and vigor.


do you want to?

  • Fully embrace the artist you are designed to be, not the one you think you should be.

  • Clear abundance blocks around Artists not being able to achieve their financial goals.

  • Know where and how to source your art.

  • Dig deeper into your creative potential.

  • Utilize story telling to capture your arts life.

  • Shed what you think you know and set your art free.

  • Tune into a greater source while creating.

  • Confidently collaborate with other like minded artists.

  • Create the future that is going to bring you the most joy and fulfillment.

Regina Birthing Artists Academy
Re-invent your life, business and art!

Work exclusively with acclaimed Transformation Artist Amy Dawns 1:1.

9 Hours of In-Depth Creative Self Development through painting.

Discover your power.  Reclaim your creative potential.

Master your masterpiece.

Investment: $399.00



Join the Birthing Artists Training Academy !

Every Tuesday evening @ 6:30 p.m.- 8:00 p.m

for 8 weeks.

Begins February 6th, 2018

Must be 18 register.

Limited Space Available!

Investment: $237.00