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Love Yourself Like You're The Best Damn Thing That's Happened to You!

Hi, I'm Amy and I am a Soul Alignment Coach.

 I've got an academic background in Energy Medicine and Life Sciences, and I have been studying the law of attraction since 2007 when my life took a turn and graciously offered me the opportunity to do the same.

Transformation looks different for everybody, and how could it not?  After all, do you know anyone else who even comes close to being just like you?  Of course not! Your light is unique.  Your experiences, beliefs and programs vary greatly from those of your peers.

As a coach, however,  I know that despite the differences in how we experience our lives, challenges along our way offer us an opportunity to further transcend our shared core limiting belief: the lie that we aren’t enough.

When something in our life isn’t working or when we see problematic patterns in the way that we are living, the lie of not being enough can stand in the way of us taking meaningful action toward betterment even when we know what that action needs to look like.


We become stuck in cognitive dissonance of our conflicting beliefs.  On one hand, we don’t feel worthy enough to walk our best path. On the other hand, even if we did, we would struggle to take meaningful action toward it because we

fear the outcome.

It’s not your fault, the reality is that this is a natural consequence of the way in which we live. We think that if we do the right things, behave the right way and aim for the right target, that happiness will be the natural consequence…


… but who decides what’s right for you?


I have been where my clients are, looking for answers and seeking reprieve from the systems and programs that were not working to my betterment. At a young age I decided to go out on my own, hoping that by changing my external environment I would change my internal environment. But when the initial feeling of freedom subsided, the only way to describe how I felt was lost.

From the point of view of hindsight, I can see that the feeling of being lost, hopeless and full of despair was an indication to me that I had come to the end of myself. I had gone as far as I could go with the information I had, and the despair I faced was Love calling me back into myself – calling for me to expand and get into alignment with the gift of Me.


The fear I felt told me that it was easier to  not know myself than to look deep into myself at a soul level, feel the feelings, and let the struggle be transformed into wisdom by the grace of Love.  I had to be prepared to disarm myself of the layers of emotional armor that served me for so long.


I had to be ready to change everything.


Getting back to ourselves, blocking out all the noise and turning up the volume on our inner light/love sounds like anyone can do it – and anyone can, but not everyone will. Getting beyond your fears, limitations and beliefs about yourself and the world in order to transcend those heavy vibrations requires bravery, commitment and an open heart.

I work with clients who have identified that one or more aspects of their life isn’t working, whether it be in their family, their relationship to Self and others, their finances or their behaviour patterns. Whatever it is that is causing my clients to want to numb it away or control it into submission - that’s where we need to go. I won’t pretend that this work is easy, but this is the work that counts. This is the work that changes lives and impacts communities.

I put the spotlight on you and support you as we peel back the layers of old stuff that isn’t serving you anymore and transforming it with radical acceptance and love for the Self. The awareness that you gain about yourself in our work together will impact every area of your life. You will shift to seeing yourself as the creator of your life – victim mentality will not enter your mindspace. You will begin to see and understand how life is happening for your benefit and how to work with it. You will stand grounded in yourself and you will begin to dance with life, rather than resist its lead.

Getting back in the driver’s seat of your life will require you to take inspired action rather than forcing an outcome. Committing to this work will be a milestone in your life, and I am passionate about my ability to show up for you as someone ready to support your process with the only agenda being your process and your needs. I will lead you out of your comfort zone and into the light of what is truly living inside


Your comfort zone is holding you back – let’s turn up the volume and Make Love Loud.

LOVE is still and always will be the most Powerful and Sustainable Source of Energy.


It just needs to be understood.

Forgiveness, Compassion & Generosity Soul Alignment Sessions

$77.00 CAD

Receive 3 Recorded Soul Alignment Sessions divinely focused towards aligning forigivenss, compassion and genoritsy with your soul. These soul alignment sessions will help you forgive on a deeper level, find more  compassion and shift the dimension you currently live in regarding generosity.  These soul sessions feel like an internal massage for the soul.  You have them forever and can listen to them  over and over again.  

Soul Alignment Session

30 mins

$89.00 CAD

A soul alignment session helps you align your personality with your soul and become more whole.  When you feel disconnected, stuck, confused or like something is missing, it is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with your soul.  These sessions are soothing and require only 30 minutes to create a strong and new alignment to your soul.  These are done via zoom audio and you have the option of recording your session so you can listen to it as many times as you like.

All You Need is LOVE, 8 Day Challenge

$89.00 CAD

8 Day PDF of  writing prompts and practices to anchor you further into LOVE.  Every day has a theme.  Day 1: The Profit of Pleasure, 2. Discomfort Leads to Somewhere, 3. Pains Purpose, 4. Scrooged, 5. Get Used to It but Don't Live There, 6. Visions of love, 7. Trust and Patience, 8. Ask the Universe.  Plus you will receive the  3 Recorded Soul Alignment Sessions divinely focused towards aligning forgiveness, compassion and generosity with your soul. These soul alignment sessions will help you forgive on a deeper level, find more  compassion and shift the dimension you currently live in regarding generosity.  These soul sessions feel like an internal massage for the soul.  You have them forever and can listen to them  over and over again.  

One on One Coaching

1 Hour

$222.00 CAD

Whatever your issue is, it's not to big to bring to the table.  Amy's Coaching sessions are tailored to suit the core issue of what is truly out of alignment in your life.  It's time to step out into the spotlight and let your SOUL SHINE!  Are you ready?!

All coaching sessions are done via Zoom Video.


1 Day Intensive Coaching

$777.00 CAD

Work with Amy for a FULL DAY in an intimate setting.  FAST TRACK to your SOUL POTENTIAL, get to the CORE of WHAT YOU ARE, and RELEASE what is HOLDING YOU BACK.  Amy accepts up to 10 people for her MLL GROUP 1 DAY INTENSIVES.  Click on the APPLY NOW BUTTON to watch Amy on a short video and find out more if this is a right fit for you. You won't be the same person as when you walked in!  Comfort zones need not apply!  Applications are now being accepted for the next MLL Group Intensives in March, 2020.

7 Month Soul Mastermind

$10,000 CAD

This only happens 2 times a year!  Amy opens up  3 Spaces to work to  intimately with her, one on one for 7 months.  This is for people who RADICALLY want to CHANGE THEIR LIFE and STEP INTO the HIGHEST ALIGNED VERSION of YOU!   Amy carefully selects people that she feels a ready and devoted to this transformation process.  To find out more and what it takes to apply, please click the button below. The next Mastermind for 2020 is now open for applications.  These SELL OUT FAST!  Hesitation not required!

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